Payment and delivery

Payment is taken via Paypal.

Your payment will show as SEUNIQUE PRO.

We will keep you up to date as to when you can expect to receive your order. 

We are currently only delivering to these postcodes only:
CM0*, CM1*, CM2*, CM3*, CM4*, CM5*, CM8*, CM9*, CM11*, CM12*, CM13*, CM14*, CM15*, E1*, E2*, E3*, E4*, E5*, E6*, E7*, E8*, E9*, E10*, E11*, E12*, E13*, E14*, E15*, E16*, E17*, E18*, E20*, IG1*, IG2*, IG3*, IG4*, IG5*, IG6*, IG7*, IG8*, IG9*, IG10*, IG11*, RM1*, RM2*, RM3*, RM4*, RM5*, RM6*, RM7*, RM8*, RM9*, RM10*, RM11*, RM12*, RM13*, RM14*, RM15*, RM16*, RM17*, RM18*, RM19*, RM20*, SS0*, SS1*, SS2*, SS3*, SS4*, SS5*, SS6*, SS7*, SS8*, SS9*, SS11*, SS12*, SS13*, SS14*, SS15*, SS16*, SS17*

If your postcode isn’t listed above, we are not delivering to your location at this time, sorry.


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